Extromarketing is a professionally well-managed digital marketing agency based out of Hubli-Dharwad in North Karnataka. We have an adept team with vast experience and knowledge in multiple industry verticals.

We at Extromarketing are one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Hubli. Our agency is a one-stop solution to grow your business and brand. We have a strong team with varied skills, abilities and are certified by Google, Fb, Microsoft, etc.

We offer a wide range of solutions, some of them being Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Online Training, and so on.

We offer services to all scales of businesses in Hubli-Dharwad. Our solutions are result-oriented and have proven results. The digital marketing services provided by us have many success stories along with positive feedback from the clients.


What Are We Known For?

Quality is the key factor for us and so are the solutions provided by us. We excel in providing various digital marketing services in Hubli-Dharwad. We provide Social Media Marketing Services for companies over various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Our strategies have proven to help businesses achieve their social goals over different platforms. Organic and effective engagement, driving sales are some of the services we are very well known for.

Search Engine Optimization services for various scales of businesses to get their websites ranked on the search engine. Some of the strategies we use include advanced backlinking, keyword research, etc. We also have an understanding of the structure and anatomy of how the search engine works and base our solutions on the same.

We also excel in creating content that echoes the voice of your brand by understanding the quality and tone of the content and developing it accordingly. Writing content has always been a passion for us.

Our writing services range from Blogs, Articles, websites, social media content, and other media format. Website designing and development is a skill in demand in the digital domain. We undertake complete services of a website.

Customer/ Client satisfaction plays an important role for us. We understand their needs and customize the solutions for them.

How do we work

How do We work?

Our Team

A team of young and savvy (Click here to know more about us) people who crave knowledge about the latest innovations on Web, Mobile, and Social Media Platforms. We apply all the strategies that will lead to the path of innovation and successful projects through our smart work.


We follow well-derived standards of design, development, testing, and implementation as well as support divided into phases to support client projects. Our team dedicatedly works to provide results on scalable and long-lasting benefits to our clients.


We spend good time preparing a plan to lay a strong foundation for the project and ensure that it goes a long way. A development plan that analyzes the requirements, the deliverables, the target audience, etc. are the important aspects that are considered in the process of planning. The life cycle of the strategies used and the longevity of the project is given due importance.


We believe in timely delivery irrespective of the project size and scope. Our process of execution involves breaking it into small portions of milestones and integrate them together on large scale at the final stage. The crucial elements of the execution process are development, testing, and launching. Timely reports are generated that are shared with all our prospects and clients at regular intervals.


We extend our support irrespective of the stage the project is in. Our support policies are transparent. Our team is available round the clock to ensure the process is running smoothly, providing insights into how the strategies are working while maintaining an enriching bond between the team and the clients.

What Digital Marketing Services Do We Provide

What Digital Marketing Services Do We Provide?

Social Media Marketing

At Extromarketing we provide Social Media Management and Marketing Services to help grow your Brand/Business social handles organically with the right strategies, skills, and content.

Audience Analytics

Analysis of your audience based on the data provided to find the right strategy that can help elevate the growth of your Brand/Business. We have a team skilled in identifying the audience and adapting a speech to tap into their interests, attitudes, and beliefs.

Brand Design & Strategy

From making a unique logo to video promotion our skilled team can come up with unique strategies to make your brand/business more visible to your target audience and prospects.

Online Training

Want to learn digital marketing? Internships and certificates for free for all those who want to showcase their digital marketing services as certified professionals.


Unique Content that acts as the voice of your brand to reach your target audience organically or in-organically. Our team is skilled in various kinds of copies like blogs, website copies, brand copy, etc.

Website Development

At extromarketing, we provide complete web development services that are unique and customized as per your brand and can help you reach more masses along with enhanced user experience and better rankings on google search.

Paid Advertisement

Paid social media and google ads to reach the target audience and generate more leads/sales for their business. These include services like pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI), display ads. We excel in being one of the top lead generation companies in Hubli-Dharwad. We generate leads for organizations in sectors like B2B and B2C.


Our team at extromarketing provides SEO services in Hubli-Dharwad for businesses in all sectors to help them rank better on search engines through advanced strategies like backlinking, keyword research. Our team is skilled to analyse and understand the anatomy of how a search engine works and develop solutions accordingly.

Why we are the Best Digital Marketing Agency?

  • We help showcase your brand by creating brand awareness using social media marketing.
  • Help develop a loyal community between the business and its customers.
  • Boost sales and traffic
  • Increase digital exposure
  • Expand your presence to reach a greater audience and much more.

The team at Extromarketing has the expertise and experience to design the perfect social media strategy to attract the right audience and sales.

Being one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hubli-Dharwad, we strive to provide digital marketing solutions to companies across Hubli. Real estate, startups, restaurants, small and large scale industries are some of the sectors we target.

Advanced analytics and extensive research are the strategies we have been implementing to create the best marketing trends. We have been successfully delivering results by helping businesses scale up.


Our Recent Work

Web Design and Development: At Extromarketing we have adapted an approach that focuses on meeting the needs of a diverse range of clients. We have trusted web applications that are used in building user interfaces and create a user experience in various B2B & B2C sectors like Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and other service industries.

The most important aspect of our web development project is planning and visualizing the end goal well in advance. We create customer personas to understand and perceive the simulation of products or services.

Our team is experienced and uses high-end technologies that include designing and developing web applications for brands and businesses. Our web designs are customer-centric, fulfill the basic requirements, and are flexible to be used across all platforms.

We need to follow the standard development approach of SDLC and the clients are involved in the process as much as possible. The most important stages of the entire process are Planning & Designing, Development & Implementation, testing, and finally, the support or maintenance stage.

The clients are always kept in the loop at every phase and the timely progress is also shared with them at regular intervals.

Lead Generation:  Lead Generation is all about converting the cold strangers into interested buyers either through various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., or your own website.

The ideal website content should be clear in answering the basic questions your visitors will have after landing on the home page. These questions can be as simple as “If they have landed at the right place?” to “What value are you adding in addressing their pain points?”

At Extromarketing our team is skilled enough to tap into the right strategies to figure out what the target audience is looking for and how ell to understand their pain points to give them a solution. We will build/tweak strategies focusing specifically on your target audience that will in turn help to meet the end goals and convert them from stone-cold strangers to interested buyers.

SEO & Analytics:  On having vast experience in search engine rankings in various fields and sectors, our experienced team will help you with SEO and make your website stand out in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Our SEO techniques include using short and long-tail keywords, drive traffic to your website, and help you rank yourself high on the search engines.

  • Market Analysis and keyword research- Finding keywords that will help boost your brand/business as well as drive traffic to your website with extensive market research.
  • Competitive Intelligence- Identifying who your competitors are and analyzing their SEO strategies by collecting key points that are helping them rank well on search engines.
  • Website Audit and Optimization- Optimizing your website as per your niche and target audience. Analyzing the factors that are working well and that isn’t to increase the site’s performance.
  • Content Development and Promotion- Writing content that serves as the voice of your brand/business is of importance to us. We believe Content is King and writing competitive content will help gain traffic.
  • High-Quality Linking- The process of getting backlinks to your site. Helping generate quality backlinks from the same niche and industry through collaborations, guest posts, etc.
  • Reporting and Analysis- Studying the overall performance of the website and sharing the reports monthly that will help optimize the performance.

Brand Identity:  A brand is a digital identity that makes you stand out in the marketplace. We provide solutions that have a unique amalgamation of identity, logo, content, and so on.

Our team will work in close-knit with you to let you stand out and create your own place in the digital marketplace.


Why Hire Us For The Digital Services?

Our over the years’ experience in various sectors has given us the versatility of being one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hubli-Dharwad. Having the most experienced and skilled team we are ever ready in taking up challenges.

We are committed to delivering the best results for your business. If you are a business or company that desired to grow through social media, investing with us is the right choice. We know the strategies to tap into the right audience for better reach and maximum conversions on social platforms.

Our experience and expertise have helped us grow to be one of the leading agencies in Hubli-Dharwad and we are determined to expand into various sectors helping businesses scale up and establish their digital footprint on social platforms.

Get organic visibility, drive the desired traffic, and get yourself ranked among your competitors on search engines and get conversions through sales using our advanced and customized digital marketing strategies.


We at Extromarketing believe in growth and development hence our services aren’t limited to any particular sector or business. We upskill ourselves as well as the strategies that we implement for all the clients and customers who invest their time and effort in building their brand/business with us.

If your someone who is aiming to grow their brand or business, if you are a solopreneur with the end goal of building your personal brand, businesses in major sectors wanting to generate more sales/leads.

You can be anyone and at any place, for all your digital requirements from branding to social media management, from SEO to website development we at Extromarketing are your one-stop solution.

Our skilled and experienced team will always be with you round the clock addressing your concerns and enhancing your socials.

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