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We are known to create effective and responsive websites that can have a great impact on your business.

Extro Marketing is an experienced company all set to cater to the web needs of brands and businesses in and around Hubli-Dharwad.

Our team of experts makes sure to understand the client’s needs and end goals before initiating the process. This is usually done by probing them using few questions on and about the website design and development to make the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

  • Why website designing is important?
  • What should you be looking for in website design and development?
  • Are you aware of the technologies used?
  •  How do we work?
  • What services do we provide?
  •  Why should you choose Extro Marketing for website designing?

Why website designing is important?

We are all living in the era of technology, where everything is available on the internet.

From kids to adults everyone is hooked to the internet surfing through to get the
information they are looking for.

It is important to have a web presence for your brand or business for better reach to a wider range of audience.

A good website is one that is user friendly across all the devices and provides constructive information to the visitors.

The end goal of an ideal website is to convert stone-cold strangers into interested leads.

Extro marketing has been known to be one of the best web designing company in Hubli for its expertise and experienced team handling various projects in the same area.

What should you be looking for in website design and development?

Before jumping straight into the process of building a website, there are a few factors that need to be considered.

Here are some of them that are essential to be considered for a hassle-free designing

  • Configuring the server per future usage
  • Domain availability
  • Choosing the technology
  • Logo, design, and concept
  • SEO friendly, unique and attractive content
  • Security measures
  • API’s, payment gateways, etc
  • User-friendliness across all devices

Our team is well experienced in setting up the process keeping the factors into consideration as well as giving the customer needs and requirements top priority.

Are you aware of the technologies used?

The traditional technologies used in website designing mostly were HTML and .Net. With changing times websites are no more about writing proper content or following the age-old methods.

We have access to a broader range of aspects in designing such as fonts, color combinations, SEO, user-friendliness, etc.

HTML 5, WordPress, and Shopify are a few of the most recent technologies being used in web designing and development. These are one of the applications that are compatible with great technologies and can suffice all our web designing needs.

Extro Marketing, being one of the best website designing and development agencies in Hubli
has been constantly working towards upgrading to the latest technologies to provide the
best web designing services in and around Hubli. Our team is always available for support
through and post the process helping the clients adapt as well as understand the
the functionality of the website, its features, navigations, etc.

How do we work?

When it comes to the process of workflow, then we have a system set up in place that we follow for a better understanding of both our customers and their needs. Being one of the best web designing agency in Hubli, our team strives to deliver the best output.

Here are some of the steps we follow as a part of the designing and development process.

A Discovery Call– We tend to have a discovery call with our customers to understand their needs, about their business/brand. We also discuss about the functional goals they envision for their site and develop the outline accordingly.

Content Plan– This includes planning all the content needed that being text, images, CTAs, etc. Content is of great importance and has to be kept first. Why? Because Content is like an engine- without it everything is just like an empty shell.

Primary Design– An initial design layout incorporating font, colors, design is shared with the clients/customers. 

Site Organization– This is a schematic process which takes place after all the required content is received by us and a final version of the layout is prepared for review. This is taken further only after the approval of our clients/customers.

Revising the Design– Any changes over the initial design draft sent for approval are accommodated in this stage. Once a layout is approved at this stage, is considered to set up the elements of the site accordingly.

Execution– An approved layout is finalized and the site-specific features are added at this stage.

Page Content– All the data is entered in the specific pages of the site.

Testing– A final set of tests are run to ensure everything is functional. We also urge our clients to run the test at their end as well.

Launch– We launch the site once everything is finally approved by our clients and with this the end of the project is marked.

What services do we provide?

Responsive Web Design – Our team efficiently delivers web pages that are adaptable and compatible across all devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. It is essential for a web design to be accessible anywhere irrespective of the platform or device.

Web Hosting – Extro Marketing is well known to be one of the best web hosting agencies in Hubli-Dharwad. We provide quality hosting services on various platforms like WordPress and Shopify. We ensure that our solutions are completely protected from viruses and e-mail spam.

Search Engine Optimization – We also offer professional SEO services and work as per the rules and regulations of major search engines. Our clients have seen valid results from our strategies used. 

Why should you choose Extro Marketing for website designing?

Best Website Designing Company in Hubli

According to the current market and its requirement, having a well-designed and developed website is essential for all the business and brand owners. This helps you position yourself in the market and stand out uniquely.

At Extro Marketing, our USP is “User Friendly and Responsive Web Design”. We help create unique, creative and professional designs along with extended support throughout the project as well as post project completion until our clients are familiarized with the functional aspects of the website.

Our team’s motto is to add value to your business along with the services provided. We have one of the best web designers and developers with wide range of expertise and experience in the niche.

Extro Marketing along with its team firmly believes, that if you are someone (a brand or a business) looking to establish themselves in the digital market with a well designed and developed website then your search ends right at us. For, we:

  • Understand your requirements
  • Have everything document and organized
  • Assign a dedicated team to each and every client till project delivery
  • Have a team of experienced people working with us
  • Believe in quality over quantity
  • Deliver the best with complete support and guidance throughout the project
  • Always focused on security and scalability

We have been in business for a very long time, and have earned a reputation for our quality customer service, effectiveness and on-time delivery. We provide personal attention to our customer’s needs and requirements.

A robust internet presence is crucial for every business and a well-built website is required to compete in the digital marketplace. If your ultimate goal is to sell your products, setup your coaching programs, generate leads or build relations, Extro Marketing will help you build a successful website and achieve all your end goals.

As a part of the entire process, we also offer various customized packages to help our customers/clients to choose from.

Whether you are in need a simple e-brochure, a static website, a Facebook page or a fully dynamic website, come join hands with us at Extro Marketing, the most reliable web design and development agency in Hubli for that affordable and customized web designing solutions.

As the saying goes “Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”, the same way at Extro Marketing we believe in giving our best when it comes to our clients or customers in terms of deliverables, support and assistance.

Our team also resonates with the same principle and always believes in lending out a helping hand to our clients through the process as well as in the later stages of the project. 

It is for the very same that we have been one of the best web design and development agency in and around Hubli-Dharwad. These are one of the few reasons for, why you should choose Extro Marketing for your web designing and development services.

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